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ENAI, Employee Needs Assessment Inventory, we provide comprehensive solutions for employee problems.

Human resource is one of the most important assets in the organization. Unlike physical assets, which commonly had been inventoried using a comprehensive database with detailed tagging, label, etc., many organization is still lacking in having a comprehensive database of its Human resource profiles.
For the organization, information on machine’s location, production capacity and technical problems is as much as important as the information on employees’ demographic profiles, productivity, as well as the source of their life stress problems.
ENAI offers the right solution to any organization with the following problems
  • Manual and incomprehensive employees’ database system
  • Diminishing employees’ productivity and failure to achieve key performance index
  • High absenteeism, sick leave and increasing employees’ medical cost
  • Employees’ lack of integrity, honesty and motivation
  • High risk behaviour of employees, such as committing crime act and suicide
  • Inefficient use of training budget and program, providing the wrong training/counseling to the wrong target group of employees
  • About ENAI

    An employee who has numerous problems in his life will normally be reflected by his negative productivity and contribution to the organization.

    Many of them will go to the extreme by committing crime in the workplace, such as, stealing, corruption, mark up pricing, as well as suicide.

    The system offers an innovative three-tiered program to give employers, as well as the employees access to an array of services that address personal life challenges and improves workplace productivity, happiness and perfomance. ENAI program is designed and developed by a team of psychologists/counsellors and management expert, as well as experienced system programmers. This Program is the result of years of extensive research experiences and vigorous pilot testing until it was successfully and ready to be officially commercialized. In addition to numerous international and national award achievements, ENAI had been recognized widely and positively by many private and government organizations in Malaysia

    Life Related Problems
    8 Sub-categories asessed


    Comprehensive Database

    Integrated and comprehensive employees’ online database system (which include not only the employees’ demographic profiles but also each of the root of their stress problems)

    Happy employees

    Happy and highly motivated employees (which will translate into their high productivity and accurately achieving their key performance index).Installing back the employees genuine honesty and their integrity

    cost saving

    By having a comprehensive data of employee problems, organization can provide the right training to the correct target group of employees, thus saving in training budget and efficient use of training program.

    User Friendly

    Both our design and development team had collaborated to create a very user friendly interface which enables even individuals with no experience in using computer could maneuver through the system with ease.

    Real Time Analysis

    All data are analysed in real time. It consists of dynamic analysis and reporting, based on the data collected in the organization.

    High Confidentiality

    This system was designed with security principles in mind. Besides, data on employees problem and the type of intervention will be discussed in private with organization counselors.


    The ENAI system has been through research and development since 2005. And it has been greatly improved over time, both in features and usability. With the help of dedicated and skillful team, we were able to achieve great success in helping and guiding organizations to understand their employees problems. Since 2011, ENAI has been deployed to several government and private agencies.


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